Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Parental controls in Windows 7 has lot of improvements and gives parents a lot of power to monitor restrict what their children do. Settings which can be maintained includes
  •  Time Limits for a User
  •  Game Restriction according to Game rating, content & Title.
  •  Allow or block specific Programs.
  •  Web Filtering

Windows 7 Parental Controls is a feature in Windows 7 that can specify which PC games a particular user can play and which programs they can use. You can even specify the times when a particular user is allowed to use the PC. Here you can Control when a computer can be used by that particular account.

Windows Live Family Safety is a free download that works with Windows 7 and gives you tools to manage and monitor what a particular user do on the Web. For example, Web filtering and contact management help you manage whom a particular user can talk to on Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces.

When you customize the settings for each of your children, you‟ll even get an activity report that informs you how your children have been using the PC and what Web sites they have visited. And with the ability to view reports or modify settings remotely, you can keep tabs on your kids no matter where you are. Parental controls help you manage what your children can do on your PC.

Games have ratings like
  •  Early Childhood
  •  Everyone
  •  Everyone 10+
  •  Teen
  •  Mature
  •  Adults only
These ratings are used to decide which games a particular user can play.

Also it can be decided which programs a User can use.
Although it won‟t make any much difference, for parents who have Geek Children. So as we say no donut for you this time for few parents.

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